OKC’s Sweetest Raw, Local Honey!

We are 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation beekeepers! Queen Bri’s award-winning honey is a sweet, clear honey made by our honey bees from the nectar of fields of clover, wild flowers, and honey locust tree blossoms that grow in the countryside surrounding our hives. We currently have raw, local, bee honey for sale, both in 5 gallon buckets an in 1 pound bottles. Our honey bees produce the best-tasting raw, local honey around! If you’re looking to buy honey that is locally produced by Oklahoma honey bees, give our honey a try!

Beginner Beekeeping 101 Class in Oklahoma City!

Queen Bri’s Honey Farm now has a Fall Beginner Beekeeping 101 class schedule available! Click below to find out how to sign up!

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Looking for a Beginner Beekeeping 101 Class? Check Out Our New Online Class!

Why an Online Class?

You can take it anytime of year. No need to wait until Fall or Winter to take a class.

 You can take it anytime of the day/week. Most classes are offered only on weekends, but what if you work on weekends or can’t go because you’re at your child’s soccer game?

 You don’t have to drive anywhere to take the class. What if you don’t have a Beginner Beekeeping class offered near you?

An online class typically has more content than an in-person class because with an online class, I have to get everyone out the door by 5pm at the end of each day! (Tick Tock, teacher, Tick Tock! Everyone is looking at their watch by the time they’ve tried to learn all about beekeeping from 9-5 on Saturday!)

 A good online class will be packed not only with classroom material, but lots of good video shot onsite at an apiary to show you exactly what to do.

Want to Find Out More About This Class?

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Queen Bri’s Honey is a full-service beekeeping operation. We install and manage beehives for residences and businesses in the Oklahoma City and surrounding areas, and sell the local honey from our honey bees  almost as fast as it is extracted from our hives. We also design custom honey labels and custom websites for beekeepers nationwide.


Beekeeping 101

Learn how to become a beekeeper! We have in-person and online training available. Need a beekeeping mentor? We offer one-on-one training sessions with your bee hives. Pricing is available for both one-time sessions and ongoing monthly assistance.  Learn More


Honey Bee Hive Installation

Awaken any backyard garden, rooftop, or outdoor space by placing Italian honey bees inside a brand new hive. We’ll help you order your equipment needed, order honey bees for your hive, install them for you, and provide them with initial food sources to survive until our next visit.  Learn More



Enjoy the calming presence of honey bees in your outdoor space and their pollination benefits without maintaining hives yourself. Our trained beekeepers will maintain their health and monitor their honey production with regularly scheduled visits.  Learn More


Honey Harvesting

Don’t have the equipment and/or time to harvest and bottle your own honey? Let us do it for you with our equipment! Your honey will be kept separate, and you will be able to enjoy the taste and benefits of pure, raw honey gathered by your honey bees from your surrounding area.  Learn More

Become a Client


How do you get started in beekeeping? How much space do you need to have a hive? What if I only need help getting started, but I don’t need the other services? How much honey will my own hives produce? How much will having a hive cost me? Can you teach me how to do everything so I can maintain my own hives? Learn More