Beekeeper Custom Websites

Are You a Beekeeper Who Needs a New Website Designed for Your Beekeeping Hobby or Need a Fresh Look for Your Commercial Beekeeping Operation?

For most beekeeper businesses and hobbyists looking to turn a profit, one of the first ways you will be discovered is via the internet. And, once someone lands on your site, branding and a good user experience on your website is crucial to getting them to stay on the site for more than 5 seconds.

If you either have no website at all, if your website was poorly designed, or if it looks like it was designed 10 years ago, it is time for a face lift.

If you’d like a site for your beekeeping business or hobby that looks like this website or that has a ‘Honey’ / ‘Beekeeper’ theme to it, we have several options for you at a price that is affordable.

New Website
$250 Per Site
Choose From Our Pre-Developed Wordpress Websites
Give a professional look to your beekeeping business or hobby
4 Pre-developed pages with content and pictures
You provide your logo, pictures, verbiage, and web host provider
Convert an Existing Website
$250 Per Site
Move 4 pages from an existing website to our pre-developed Beekeeper Themes
Add more pages from your existing site using the Add-A-Page option
Additional functionality priced separately (e.g., shopping carts)
You provide your own web host provider
$50 Per Page
For Websites Needing More than 4 Pages
Add additional text/image pages
You provide us with the text and pictures for the page
Does not include custom work such as shopping pages, or pages with advanced functionality
Custom Beekeeper Website
Get a Quote
Get a one-of-a-kind website with a professional look and feel
Select your own WordPress Theme so that your site has a unique look and feel to it
Pricing depends on number of pages and functionality
You provide us with the content and your own web host provider


All of our website packages are developed in the most popular content management system on the market today, WordPress. All of our pre-developed websites have been thoroughly tested with the WordPress themes and WordPress plug-ins that they utilize.

We welcome requests for other WordPress themes for customized sites that you might find out online that you think might look good if customized for you. However, keep in mind that there is not a requirement on any site that currently sells WordPress themes for that theme to actually work without problems (meaning, it might not actually work).

So, if we run into a problem with the theme having too many errors to complete the work, we will have to ask you to find a different theme, as fixing the theme’s coding problems is not included in the pricing for our website development.