Beekeeping Services

Our Beekeeping Services

Queen Bri’s Honey offers many different beekeeping services to both the hobbyist and to businesses.

beekeeping-mentorOne of our goals at Queen Bri’s Honey is to help educate others about honeybees and assist those who are interested in becoming a beekeeper and those who want to help out the bees but do not have time to maintain a hive themselves. We also are here to help out the longtime beekeeping enthusiasts with services they may need as well such as websites with beekeeping themes or custom honey labels.

Our services include:

 Beekeeping 101 Training (On-Site & Coming Soon…..Online!)

 Custom Websites for Beekeepers

 Custom Honey Labels

 Beehive Installation Assistance

 Routine Beehive Maintenance Checks

 Honey Harvesting, Extraction, and Bottling Assistance

 Beekeeper Mentor Program

 Beekeeping Presentations to Schools, Businesses, or Organizations

 Bee Swarm Removal

 Host Our Hives at Your Location

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